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Life Empowerment

Greetings to you our dear esteemed client, this serves to explain our human resource
empowerment programs.
In a bid to restore hope and transform lives…Life and Hope Uganda offers a comprehensive holistic
human resource empowerment program for both youth and adults. It comes in a package of 4 key
themes that make up 100% of the knowledge and information we need to supplement on the
academic knowledge we get in class.
Note:40% of the profits from these trainings go to charity work under the Life and Hope Uganda
Charity Initiative.
We believe that individuals who go through these trainings will no doubt experience positive
fundamental changes in their value systems, performance on job and general growth and
development levels.
Our main objective therefore is to empower our local
communities, especially the youth, with the unique ability to
produce excellent results at both societal and individual fronts.
Ourprofessional team has accurately assessed the needs ofthe
population in third world countries today and tailored a local
solution with yourneeds in mind. Each topical facet is unique in
nature ofcontent and delivery approach.
We strongly believe that aside academic knowledge, there is a
circle of four other areas that contribute to excellence. The
person’s development ofself, the person’s development oftheirprofession, the person’s development
oftheirattitude and counselling. We have developed a 100%structure to coverthese needs.
Every sub-topic we teach under this theme is to help the participant to grow at an individual level. In
the area of discipline, social relationships, finances, value systems etc. You are free to subscribe for
all the trainings orto take yourpick. All training sessions are for1 hourand 30 minutes.
Topics include:-
Building yourselfesteem
Social relationships andnetworking
The thought process
Overcoming procrastination
All subtopics under this theme focus on equipping the participant with skills and information inline
with Business ethics andprofessionalism. Theyinclude:-
Personal Branding
Maximizing productivityat work
Time management
Monitoring andEvaluation
Goal setting
Howto builda career
Planning andsaving
Moderneffective teaching approaches
All subtopics underthis theme are focused on helping the participant to recognise the greatness that
lies on the inside ofthem and hence harness it to achieve an impact that goes beyond oneself. They
Lessons from within
Being in charge ofyourlife
The powerofinnovation
Spiritual insight on growth and development
Servant leadership
Be a dream chaser
Living a balanced life
Discovering yourlife’s purpose
All subtopics under this theme seek to help the participant to cope up with any emotional or
psychological disturbances that make theirlives miserable. They include:-
Coping with stress and depression
Conflict resolution
Gaining victory overdrug abuse
Dealing with failure and challenges
21st century teaching approaches forteachers and parents
Angermanagement and dealing with bitterness
Sexual purity
Handling victimized people
The above four thematic aspects are very essential for every individual who believes in achieving all
round excellence. These trainings coupled with the knowledge we get from class no doubt prepares
us to excel in this competitive world.
Subscribing forthese trainings is largely by payment and the structure is as follows.
Full day program
3 sessions on 3 topics ofchoice
Group ofbetween 10-25
500,000UGX Cost does not include any materials foruse during training.
Day programs forrural orurban gatherings with low income earners.
(Feel free to sponsora training in a rural area known to you)
Group between 50- 100
Only transport and light food facilitation
Trainings are free but you give a token ofappreciation ofyourchoice.
Payment on basis ofnumbers
20,000UGX perparticipant persession
Group between 30- 100
Kindly note that we are not limited to only these 3 arrangements, we however explore as many
opportunities as are available such that we give a fairchance to all to learn through the trainings. Our
team is also able to serve beyond Uganda and we are open to such arrangements too. Therefore
given that a meeting is scheduled, we can discuss further on how best we can make this affordable
and very accessible.
Trainings to be booked 7 days in advance to allow for effective preparation and delivery. Trainings
outside Uganda are to be booked in 2 weeks time in advance unless otherwise.
Payments are receipted by Namiiro Leah, Executive Secretary, Life and Hope Uganda.
Formore details, contact Namiiro Leah on
+256 700 487 768
+256 779 001 128
Oremail leahnamiir25@gmail.com
Thank you very much, God bless you!

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