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Guidance and Counselling

a) Adults and Young Adults
1. Fighting addiction to harmful substances (drugs)
Self Esteem & self identity
Self pre-conditioning
Self discovery (who am I?)
Step by step progress tracking
Evaluation and assessment
2. Relationships
Becoming the right partner
Attracting your kind
Conflict resolution/Anger management
Understanding diversity and similarities
Complete healing and moving on
Coping with loneliness
Money handling
3. Personal Growth and Development
Victory over post-abuse trauma
Working on the person within
Learning and unlearning
Self discipline
Tracking personal progress
Your health, your priority
Dealing with stress and depression
4. Money management
Financial planning and saving
Money sharing
Balancing work and life
Debt management patterns

5. Sexuality
Abstinence &Self control
Dealing with sexual addictions/urges
Guidance on unplanned pregnancy
Positive living
b) Children
1. The Journey of Excellence
Excelling in academics
Managing time
Prayer and seeking God
2. Post-trauma Counseling
The healing process
Understanding your emotions
Braving the next step
Victory over chronic illnesses
3. Career Guidance
Discovering your God given purpose
Maximizing your Potential
Innovation and Creativity
4. Self Discipline
Health; spirit, soul and body
Self Education
Hard work and its rewards
Bouncing back from failure
5. Money Discipline
Saving & Financial Planning
Giving and Sharing

Arrangements are available for groups and for individuals
Each session is 2 hours 
Kindly dial 0700487768 to book for a package suiting your needs

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