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C’mon think!!! Or you will sink!

Have you thought deeply about how you’re living your life??!
If u haven’t just take this time and think about it, think about your thoughts, your words, your actions when no one is watching, your actions when all are watching, your dreams, your goals, your lifestyle in day and night time, the kind of friends your making, the literature you read, your secrets, your beliefs, your fears, your destiny, your treasures, your spouse, your ideas, the music you listen to, what u watch, how much of your time you spend with God?
Have you thought about your motives when you do what you do, the last time you did what your always telling others to do, how you treat people and why you treat them that way, your responsibilities even the ones you have not taken care of, how you solve the challenges that come your way, who inspires you, great friends that you hardly keep in touch with, the way you handle yourself, how you treat the people you call your enemies or loved ones, your role in society, your gifts and talents, that which you are starting or ending; could be a business or relationship, what you base on to make decisions, your choices, what you think of others…e.t.c.

I know most of us hate to think, we would rather do whatever we want without thinking and that is how we get into mistakes usually, sometimes irreversible mistakes and boom! We wake up to think when it is too late.Life Journey

Don’t you think it is more sensible and relevant to think of what you’re planning to do so you can avoid errors rather than thinking of what to do to change what you have done that you shouldn’t have done??! Show me a great achiever and I will see a great thinker. I mean you will be amazed what many revelations and wisdom come up when we think consciously.

I always tell people that, “you either think or worry and when you worry, you sink.” For while thinking generates solutions, not thinking only leaves room for problems. Yes! We can get so fixed with business or busy-ness but remember if you have no time to think before, then you will think after…some of us are used to other people thinking for us, not a bad idea if it’s not always. But again, you have got to think through the advice people have to offer.

Well, I challenge you to always take off time and think. Yes! Put your brain to use, think!!!

By Namiiro Leah.

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