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Art in Me

Art in Me Initiative:

The ‘Art in Me’ project is a thematic art celebration that seeks to showcase the different
roles art plays in society as well as facilitating skill development in the field of art. This way art is appreciated more and different artists are able discover their talents and how best to put them to use.

The Art in me project is designed to fight Violent extremism in the youth. Educating, building skills, and assisting students with developing strong social and emotional well-being are essential components to preventing violent extremism and other types of violent acts. These preventative measures diminish the likelihood of schools becoming potential nodes of radicalization or recruitment hubs for violent extremists.

The Art skills acquired during schools prepares students to become better citizens by concentrating much their innovations and projects started during the Art in me sessions.
Different age groups compete and learn together in related artistic fields which include
drawing, painting, moulding, pottery, craftworks, sculpture as well as creative music and dance performances.

The ART IN ME interschool fest is an annual  event that is open to the general public.
The 2015 and 2016 AIM festival only featured Kampala central and had over 4,000 participants, 73 schools were in attendance and most were private schools and government aided schools, however due to public demand, the AIM 2015/2016 festival has seen us extending this art fest to different schools around town as well as attracting more international schools to balance up the attendance.

The theme for this year 2017 is LETS RECYCLE! Creating Wealth from Waste. The
event will be happening on 19th MARCH 2017. We are sure that it’s going to be
bigger and better and we have already started planning for it. -coming
art festival


To create a national forum which provides the most varied, relevant, and up-to-date
information covering a wide cross-section in art education and related career guidance
• To challenge artists to be innovative and creative in purposeful ways; for example art can be a tool of communication, a ‘museum’ preserving history or a means of environment conservation
• To increase the awareness of existing art education locally both at national and international level
• To provide a platform for various educational institutions to interact which facilitates social networking and innovative learning
• To challenge participants to creatively express their uniqueness through art in a way to fight Violent extremism
• To create a platform for different companies to partner and network in related fields like Community Social Responsibility

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