Julius Ssekajja
Julius SsekajjaFounder/ Team Leader
Julius is Ugandan professional artist with an array of painting styles inspired by Africa and its people. His canvases feature visible and shadowy figures. Some of these can be found in some galleries in Uganda, Australia, Rwanda and other parts of the world. He is also the brain behind the Art in Me Project and Sauti events. In 2012, Julius founded Life and Hope Uganda, as a charity organization, especially because he desired to create a movement that will empower and inspire the youth, to step up to greater heights! Best known as a competent Computer Graphic designer and an artist by profession, Julius has used his skills tirelessly to not only establish but also enhance the role Life and Hope Uganda plays in this nation Uganda and world over. He is one very innovative servant leader, this can best be evidenced when one analyses the kind of projects the organization undertakes. His dream is to see Life and Hope Uganda grow old enough to influence youth development in every nation in Africa and world over.
Namiiro Leah
Namiiro LeahExecutive Secretary
Leah best prefers to be known as a result oriented Social Worker serving by passion and profession. She is an established author, Business consultant, a Practicing professional Counsellor, and a Personal Development Facilitator among other private career practices. Leah has worked with and served the youth on a number of fronts including Pill Power Uganda, Am Against Abortion (AAA) , I am Ugandan Patriotic Clubs, Straight Talk Clubs and Family Life Network. She is a reputable facilitator and motivational speaker, training for brands like World Vision, Barclays Bank, Compassion International and Kids Club Kampala. At Life and Hope Uganda, she actively serves as the President’s Executive Secretary. Her roles equally extend to youth counseling, content & concept development and partnership building. In her own words, Leah believes that, “the problem of the youth today is one of the mind and the mouth. Therefore we must innovate an approach that must not only influence a change of mindset among the youth but also equally empower them to speak up, to express stand up and be counted!”
Subira Emily Ssekajja
Subira Emily SsekajjaBrand Marketing and Administration
A graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy from the Mozambique -Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations in Dar es Salaam. Subira is a young diplomat with a background of Business and Law and over five years of experience in Public Relations, administration, Sales and Marketing. She is also an ambassador of peace and good governance. Her career extends to multi-lingual communication and inspirational speaking, this explains her rare passion for entrepreneurship as well as empowering youth to be self-driven and to work towards positive change. Subira strongly believes that; “what we do today determines tomorrow, therefore to create a better future for ourselves and the future generation we should be the Change we wish to see.” At Life and Hope Uganda, Subira works closely with the team to ensure that organizational projects/services are excellently executed. She equally volunteers in the area of Brand Management.
Angela Namubiru
Angela NamubiruAccounts Manager
An accountant by profession, Angella graduated from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi, and is currently working with Finance Trust Bank for the past 4 years, and volunteering as the accounts manager for Life and Hope Uganda. She assets that Life and Hope Uganda taught her to adopt to changing situations and environments thus being able to embrace new ideas and also prioritize tasks. Angela is a gifted artist, she is the brain behind Aclaz jewellery. With this experience, she encourages people of different age groups, to utilize their talents as yet another way of achieving financial freedom. She is inspired to serve because she believes Life and Hope Uganda is improving the lives of millions of people, "someday someone out there will say, "because of Life and Hope Uganda, I did not give up." She adds.
Princess Olivia Kisitu
Princess Olivia KisituTeam Leader: Life and Hope UK
Since the time Olivia got to know about Life and Hope Uganda in 2013, she decided that even if she is a Ugandan living in the diaspora, that will not stop her from serving her fellow vulnerable countrymen in Uganda through charity work. She managed to mobilize a team of about 9-12 members in the UK under the umbrella of Life and Hope Uganda and she has effectively coordinated this team since 2015. The UK team continues to expand and work with the Ugandan team to make every project a success. Olivia strongly believes in each one reaching out to someone less privileged than them and helping them to discover ways they can improve their lives "That seemingly small difference can mean the world to someone out there, " she always emphasizes.
Connie Atuheire
Connie AtuheireMembership Director and Public Relations
She graduated with a Bachelors in Tourism from Makerere University but her art and craft passion took center stage. She runs Enkwanzi Yangye; a crotchet and beads home shop. She equally uses her art skills to support skill empowerment programs for fellow women by teaching them these skills. Her take on life- "there's always a way; even in a storm." She is passionate about bettering the lives of others even in the simplest of ways. This is the mindset she longs to sell to the different people she interacts with. At Life and Hope Uganda, her major role is to foster membership enrollment and ensure more partnerships are developed with the organization.

Life and Hope Uganda is a youth led charity initiative with an impending arm of business, founded and registered in 2012 Uganda to serve Ugandans with an objective to empower youths to take a more active role in their own lives through
life skills education and empowerment programs.
Life and Hope Uganda supports and enables young people to create programmes and influencepolicies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, arts

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