• Plot 129 Martyrs Way Ntinda Trading Center P.O.Box 36606 Kampala Uganda
  • +256 788 135 755
  • info@lifeandhopeug.org

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  • Albino group , Chairman

    "Life and Hope Uganda team, thank you so much for remembering us. Thank you for coming all the way from Kampala to donate something to the albino family in Kamuli. It is a gesture of love and we promise to continue in this relationship with you even as you continue assisting us here and there. Together, we will create a difference. We will do our best to form an association, such that every beneficiary can share in this support and more to come. Lastly, we pray that God blesses Life and Hope Uganda."

  • Ssekitto Jimmy, Student - Old Kampala S.S.

    I enjoyed the ART IN ME competitions. My painting was very nice, some people wanted to buy it. I plan to improve and do paintings for sale in my S.4 Vacation.

  • Namiiro Leah, Social worker - Secretary LHU

    Developing concepts for Life and Hope Uganda has helped me to polish my writing skills. I am able to learn more from other members as we plan for our projects.

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Slum Cleaning Proj... NEEDED $

The Life and Hope Uganda team believes that a clean environment is every ci...

Life and Hope Clot... NEEDED $

This is a donation drive that we run annually, proceeds always go to that t...

Art in me Schools ... NEEDED $

This is an inter school art event aimed at celebrating the impact of variou...

Schools Fraternity NEEDED $

This is an arm of Life and Hope Uganda extended to school institutions. Our...

Membership Club. NEEDED $

This is a separate entity of Life and Hope Uganda that was recently launche...

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Julius Ssekajja


Namiiro Leah

Executive Secretary

Nambooze Robinah a.k.a Robin K...

Public Relations Director

Angela Namubiru

Accounts Manager

Subira Emily Ssekajja

Brand Marketing and Administra...

Connie Atuheire

Membership Director and Public...

Princess Olivia Kisitu

Team Leader: Life and Hope UK
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